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We’re an MCPS music library providing top-quality tracks for use in your production.

We’re fiercely independent and committed to providing music that’s fair, fresh and forward-thinking.

If you need help finding the right music for your project, we’re right here to help. Just get in touch with a music brief and we’ll send you over a playlist of suggestions (usually within the hour) at no cost.


Production music is music created specifically for inclusion in audio and audiovisual productions like TV, film, radio, advertisements, trailers and online videos.

Its high-quality, easy to license music without the price tag of commercial or bespoke music.

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Our music is specifically produced for use in film, television, radio, advertising, games and online productions. It is strictly for professional use and is not ‘buy-out’ or copyright-free.

Our music is pre-cleared for all media, in perpetuity, and is available to license via MCPS Production Music under broadcast blankets, your IPC agreement or via the MCPS rate card.

For further information, visit our licensing page, or get in touch.

We offer offline access to the library to select edit facilities by hard drive. Drives can be networked or used on individual devices depending on your needs. For more information, get in touch.

Of course! Please visit our composer submissions page for full details.

Our Labels


Annihilation [Powered By] Pitch Hammer is a premium music library of high-end tracks, sound design and underscores for all types of high-impact production media. The label's roster features some of the most diversely talented composers in the business, credited with hundreds of blockbuster theatrical marketing campaigns.

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Beats Fresh is an independent catalogue of music made for film, TV and content, with a strong emphasis on contemporary sounds and themes. The catalogue is based around small but consistent releases – ranging from EPs and singles to mini beat-focused toolkits.

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Big Screen is a boutique British film music label celebrating everything that is exciting and vibrant about cinematic music. Featuring an impressive collection of award-winning British composers, the label offers brilliantly emotive, uplifting and dramatic screen music that mixes blockbuster action with beautifully crafted arthouse soundtracks. Its sounds are equally at home on cinema and TV screens.

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BoostTV tunes into the trends of the small screen, providing high-quality music for everything from sun-chasing travel shows to emotional documentaries and drama. Whether you're looking for a contemporary pop banger to steal the show or a tension bed to sit quietly in the background, you'll find it here.

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Counter Music is a specialist label that brings the best of dance, electronic music and club culture to the world of production music. From huge tunes to varied subcultures, this label celebrates it all. Expect pumping party house, hard-hitting drum and bass, plus experimental and atmospheric ambient and much more.

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This artist-driven catalogue reflects the musical diversity of America, and is the result of a dynamic partnership between US-based producers Maddie Madsen, Lindsay Tomasic and Christian Salyer. Ear Parade offers a unique music experience from a pool of composers that have worked with many legendary artists including Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Madonna, Burt Bacarach, John Lee Hooker and Stevie Nicks.

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A micro-library of cool original music reflecting what's hot right now!

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Straight out of Beats Fresh studios comes Fresh Ear – an independent catalogue of minimalist electronic and organic sounds. Just like Beats Fresh, this label is based around small but well-formed releases – each of which is full of rich patterns woven into interesting beds and soundscapes for TV, documentaries and advertising.

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An alternative production music label best known for its twisted dance, rock and innovative leftfield sounds. Because of their originality and refreshingly honest approach, Lift has become a big favourite with TV, promo and advertising producers worldwide and is currently one of the world's leading independent labels.

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Part of the Liftmusic group of labels, FACTUAL is aimed specifically at documentary filmmakers with a view to complementing storytelling and visual narrative. It's a rich resource of high-quality music designed to cover the full spectrum of emotions and cater to specific styles of documentary programming.

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A lucky dip of Liftmusic classics compiled into a mini label of musical wildcards. Each album is a collection of brilliant eclectic gems.

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Sound and vision: that's what Minds And Music is about. The mind is delicate and special, and no two are alike. This Germany-based label's goal is to find the most creative and innovative artistic minds and create music that makes you feel alive.

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Highly inventive and visually driven production music from around the world.

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Cool, quirky and kitsch sounds from Paris. Parigo is a proudly Parisian label from highly acclaimed producer Guillaume Albeck. Offering a uniquely Gallic music slant, Parigo is an irresistible mix of arty and quirky with a smattering of traditional France. C'est magnifique!

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Pitch Hammer Music is an exciting music library providing some of the best and most ground-breaking trailer music and sound design ever heard to the movie trailer and theatrical marketing industry. Pitch Hammer's music rises above the clutter with a unique and unmistakable sound that stands alone.

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Created by esteemed film composers Jeff Fair and Grammy-winning Starr Parodi, Playground Hollywood is a specialist label for movie trailers and TV promos. The music on the label ranges from high-impact action and heavy drama to crazy comedy.

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PMOL (Production Music Online) is the brainchild of highly established and successful production music composers Patrick Wilson and Adam Routh. The aim of the label is to create a world-class, user-friendly catalogue covering everything from ancient history to present-day sounds. Expect high-quality, distinguished production music from composers that have worked on huge films, classic TV series and alongside some of pop music's greatest icons.

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Point Classics is a classical music label offering a comprehensive collection of well-known and more obscure classical pieces.

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POKE is a musical union between Boost and the ever-popular Brighton producers at Liftmusic. POKE is individual, quirky, intelligent and fun. Proudly eccentric and up for a laugh, but with an edge that can be both thoughtful and provocative, the label's aim is to provide music that we enjoy and you will love. Give your productions some POKE!

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Brought to life by Danish production music guru Jeppe Kaltoft, Stereo Royal offers original Scandinavian sounds. Mixing leftfield, twisted, quirky grooves and atmospherics with delicate cinematic scores, this Copenhagen-based label offers a new and unique take on music for broadcast, and is crafted by some of the most talented and innovative creators of music in Scandinavia.

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Every picture tells a story, but only the music makes it come to life. Story Recordings is a Berlin-based label that showcases musical authenticity. Using work by some of the most inspired creative minds worldwide to compose original music, each album is a thoughtfully crafted story that provides the perfect soundtrack to your productions.

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Superstore is a boutique micro-library all about songs, bands and artists. Hidden gems from the alternative music scene.

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Zone is a unique independent music library offering an ongoing series of micro-libraries or ‘zones’. Each zone is genre-defined and a mini library within itself. These include: Dronezone, TVzone, Pleasurezone, Clubbingzone, Docuzone, Funzone, Dramazone, Historyzone and Worldzone.

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Alongside Zone Music sits Zone Plus: an all-encompassing label that complements the 'zones'. Expect a little bit of everything, from commercial-sounding pop and hip-hop to neutral beds, fun lifestyle sounds and toolkits for rock, country, blues and more.

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Zone Trailers is a series of mini albums aimed at cinematic/games trailers and marketing as well as any productions requiring exciting, hard-hitting epic music.

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