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Boost Drive

The much in demand Boost Drive offers all the Boost libraries offline and allows you to search, audition and download the music. You can also check copyright information. It is available to select clients who need direct access to Boost's production music on location or for those with limited internet access.

We have just introduced several new features to the drive. For a tutorial on these watch the video below.

Existing features on the Boost Drive include:

Search - Simply type in a style or genre of music or instrumentation you are looking for into the search engine and your results will be displayed on the interface.

Audition - When you want to listen to any of these tracks, simply click them and they will play in the player at the top of the interface. All the details of the track will be displayed.

Download - Drag the track you like into a location of your choice, whether this is your desktop or a more specific file location.

• With the drag feature, you have the ability to drag any of the tracks straight into editing software such as Final Cut, Avid or Pro Tools.

• You can also click the symbol and save the track in a location of your choice.

Playlist Function - Click the + symbol and input a name you wish to call the playlist.

You can add tracks to the playlist that you have created, simply by dragging and dropping them onto the playlist name.

• To share a playlist click the button and you will be asked where you would like to save the playlist in .xml format so that you can email it to the relevant person.

Cue Sheet Function -

• To get the Music Reporting details of each track that you want to download, just click a button and a .xls file will appear with the details of the track listed.

• This feature works exactly the same as in the playlist function and will show the details of however many tracks you have in your Playlist.

PRS for Music

Production music / library music for advertising, promos, web, film, radio and television programming.

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