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No. of albums: 100

Origin: Singapore


Beats Fresh is an independent catalogue of music made for film, TV and content, with a strong emphasis on contemporary sounds and themes.

The catalogue is based around a small but consistent releases - ranging from EP’s to singles.

Beats Fresh - beat focused production music.


No. of albums: 33

Origin: Surrey, UK


A boutique British film music label celebrating everything that is exciting and vibrant about cinematic music.

Featuring an impressive collection of award-winning British composers, Big Screen offers brilliantly emotive, uplifting and dramatic screen music excellence that mixes explosive blockbuster action with beautifully crafted art house soundtracks, equally at home on cinema and TV screens.
Big Screen includes some of the most in demand composers working today including BAFTA and RTS winning composers Al Lethbridge and Rob Lane, acclaimed BBC Natural History composer William Goodchild, top TV composers Rob Manning and Jules Bromley and some of the industry's finest up and coming talent including Alex Baranowski and Anne Nikitin.


No. of albums: 26

Origin: Godalming, UK


Our in-house 'magazine' label which is in turn, both very glossy and gloriously tabloid.

Mixing sensational with sensual, BoostTV takes you from Relaxing Places & Open Spaces to the stars of CCTV and real life drama of Caught On Camera via the WAGs to riches, sexy scandal and testosterone driven excess of Flashy, Trashy & Salacious and Bliss our ultimate spa & relaxation soundtrack. Amongst recent releases are Blooming Marvellous, a colourful collection for flower shows, ornamental gardens and breathtaking landscapes, and Money Matters where Wall Street wolves meet the international jet set in a ker-ching compilation where cash is king.

Most BoostTV releases feature full length versions as well as alternative mixes and handy cuts for titles, programme in & outs and stings.



No. of albums: 19

Origin: London, UK


Electronic dance music that counts

Counter Music is a label bringing you the best of all electronic music styles and specializing in dance music. 

All composers featured on Counter are well known in their specialist fields whether that be Future Bass, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, House or Glitch Hop. With that in mind you can be sure that Counter Music will always bring you the freshest and most innovative tracks from electronic music culture.


No. of albums: 48

Origin: Los Angeles, USA


An artist driven catalogue reflecting the musical diversity of America, the label is a dynamic partnership between American producers Maddie Madsen, Lindsay Tomasic and Christian Salyer and aims to offer a unique music experience with artist driven albums.

Latest releases include Crime Lab, Coattails & Caviar and Artist Series: Empowerment. Ear Parade composers have worked with many legendary artists including Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Madonna, Burt Bacharach, John Lee Hooker and Stevie Nicks.


No. of albums: 173

Origin: Brighton, UK


Innovative leftfield sounds - expect the unexpected...

Liftmusic is an alternative production music label best known for their twisted dance, rock and genre-defying mashups and the inspiring 'One Minute Wonders' collections.

Music you'll find on Lift includes cutting edge dance, weird & blissful ambient, twisted electronica, groovy easy listening, folk tech-scapes, deep-fried funk, left field electro rock mash ups, cinematic atmospheres, quirky wacky things and 60's psyche pop. And then there’s the stuff that defies a category!

Because of their originality and refreshingly honest approach Lift has become a big favourite with TV, promo and commercials producers worldwide and is currently one of the world’s leading independent labels.


No. of albums: 59

Origin: Brighton, UK


FACTUAL is aimed specifically at documentary filmmakers with a view to complimenting storytelling & visual narrative.

It is a rich resource of high quality music designed to cover the spectrum of emotions and specific styles of documentary programmes and is organised into ‘spaces'.

So far these ‘spaces’ include Dramatic, Serious, Moody, Dark, Disturbing, Spiritual, Curious, Quirky,Playful, Happy, Positive, Light, Empty, Emotional, The Natural World, The Modern World, Science & Technology, Places & Travel, Arts & Culture, Classical, Life Stories, Mystery, Detection & Espionage.

It is an evolving catalogue so if you need types of music not represented please let us know and FACTUAL will commission a new ‘space’ to cover it.


No. of albums: 50

Origin: Fuchstal, Germany


Sound and vision. That's what Minds And Music are about

The mind is delicate and special and no two are alike. Anywhere or anyhow. Just like every person has their own secret DNA recipe inside of them, every musical artist has his or her own sound ingredients and spices.

Minds And Music have found some of the most creative and innovative artistic minds and have made it their goal to continue to discover other minds who live for music. The ones that make us feel.

The albums display original artwork from established as well as emerging modern and contemporary visual artists. Sound and vision. That's what they are about.


No. of albums: 16

Origin: Brisbane, Australia


Highly inventive & visually driven production music from around the world.

Alex Fitzwater from needletracks.tv is a music fan. His extensive knowledge ranges from 1920s jazz to the mid-90s Cornwall electronic scene, via international hip hop, thrash metal, modern minimalism and football chants. To him it’s all music.

Needletracks.tv have really cool artwork courtesy of French artist director Sowenso.


No. of albums: 29

Origin: Paris, France

Cool, quirky and kitsch sounds from Paris

Parigo is the proudly Parisian mini-label from highly acclaimed French producer and production music legend Guillaume Albeck. Offering a uniquely Gallic music slant, Parigo is an irresistible mix of arty and quirky with a smattering of traditional france. C'est magnifique!


No. of albums: 61

Origin: Los Angeles, USA


Pitch Hammer Music is an exciting music library providing some of the best and most ground-breaking trailer music and sound design ever heard to the movie trailer and theatrical marketing industry.

Home to a roster of the most talented composers and artists in the business, Pitch Hammer create and produce music that rises above the clutter with a unique and unmistakable sound that stands alone and makes it one of the world's leading trailer music companies.

Each album contains alternate versions and mixes of tracks including where appropriate percussion mixes, outro versions, tag endings and 30" edits.

The company was founded by Brian Brasher, President + Owner, and Veigar Margeirsson, VP Creative + Owner.


No. of albums: 11

Origin: Los Angeles, USA

Specialist music for movie trailers and TV promos.

PGH is the brainchild of Jeff Fair and Starr Parodi, who have been composing for trailers and scores since 1997, working with major Hollywood studios such as Paramount Pictures, MGM, 20th Century Fox, Columbia TriStar and Dreamworks and subsequently released the music as a boutique film music library.

The music on the label ranges from high impact action and heavy drama to crazy comedy and is spot on for promoting anything from action movies to romantic comedies, as well as being great for programming and commercials.


No. of albums: 203

Origin: Brighton, UK


PMOL (Production Music Online) is the brainchild of highly established and successful production music composers Patrick Wilson and Adam Routh.

The aim of the label is to create a world class, user-friendly catalogue. Writers include David Lowe (themes to BBC News, The One Show, Panorama, Grand Designs and many others), world & historical music specialist Dirk Campbell (Harry Potter and the Goblet Of Fire & Sir David Attenborough), Derek Austin (Frank Sinatra, Peggy Lee, David Bowie, Jimmy Cliff), Gordon Matthewman (DJ at Pacha, Space, Amnesia and Ministry of Sound) and avant-garde composer Paul Harrison who created the ‘not of this world’ X-Piano from recycled piano parts. Other PMOL composers have worked with many high profile artists including Madonna, Peter Gabriel, Radiohead, David Bowie, the Black Eyed Peas, Elvis Costello, Britney Spears, Diana Ross, Cher and Duran Duran amongst many, many others.

From ancient times to present day sounds, PMOL have created quality, distinguished production music with a distinct flavour from each corner of the globe.


No. of albums: 29

Origin: Pinewood, UK


Point Classics is a classical music label offering a comprehensive collection of well known and more obscure classical pieces.

Recent releases include The Wedding Album, Famous Opera, Kings & Queens, The Renaissance, Classical Architecture and Classical Remix, an album of contemporary remixes of famous classical tunes.


No. of albums: 85

Origin: Godalming/Brighton, UK


Bold, bright, fun, quirky, stylish, intelligent, thoughtful, provocative, irreverent, NOW

POKE is a musical union between Boost and ever popular Brighton hipster producers, liftmusic.

Celebrating all that is good in life, POKE is individual, quirky, intelligent and fun. POKE has style, class and likes to shake its ass. Proudly eccentric and up for a laugh but with a thoughtful and provocative edge, our aim is to provide the music we enjoy that hopefully you will love.

Give your productions some POKE!


No. of albums: 28

Origin: Copenhagen, Denmark


The brainchild of Danish production music guru Jeppe Kaltoft, Stereo Royal offers original Scandinavian sounds.

Mixing leftfield, twisted, quirky grooves and atmospherics with delicate cinematic scores the label offers a new and unique take on music for broadcast and is crafted by some of the most talented and innovative creators of music in Scandinavia.


No. of albums: 73

Origin: Godalming, UK


Zone is a unique independent music library offering an on-going series of micro-libraries or ‘zones’. Each zone is genre defined and a mini library within itself. The first seven are Dronezone, TVzone, Pleasurezone, Clubbingzone, Docuzone, Funzone and Dramazone.

Dramazone - where bloodcurdling horror and vintage b-movie scores meet blockbuster trailer music, crime drama cues and the full gambit of dramatic musical moods.

Funzone - a fun-filled collection of bonkers comedy, retro kitsch, goofy good times, innocent play and adrenaline fuelled action.

Docuzone - diverse, intelligent & quirky music for 'fly on the wall' exposes, factual and serious documentary programming.

Clubbingzone - 160+ massive club anthems, urban jams, chilled beats, indie classics & banging dancefloor tunes.

Pleasurezone – from amazing days out & adrenaline sports to very saucy goings on this collection offers a musical something for every fun occasion.

TVzone - at times slick, sexy & stylish and at others fun and funky the collection offers music for sport, lifestyle, travel, fashion, arts & kids TV.

Dronezone - more than just drones, this 5 album set is balanced with unobtrusive yet inspiring music beds and underscores.

Also available is Short Stuff. These albums basically mirror the albums in the 'Zones' but only contain 30 second cut and sting versions of the tracks. Each album has the same catalogue number as the original but with an (SS) code to make a differentiation.