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No. of albums: 24

Origin: Godalming, UK


Our in-house 'magazine' label which is in turn, both very glossy and gloriously tabloid.

Mixing sensational with sensual, BoostTV takes you from Relaxing Places & Open Spaces to the stars of CCTV and real life drama of Caught On Camera via the WAGs to riches, sexy scandal and testosterone driven excess of Flashy, Trashy & Salacious and Bliss our ultimate spa & relaxation soundtrack. Amongst recent releases are Blooming Marvellous, a colourful collection for flower shows, ornamental gardens and breathtaking landscapes, and Money Matters where Wall Street wolves meet the international jet set in a ker-ching compilation where cash is king.

Most BoostTV releases feature full length versions as well as alternative mixes and handy cuts for titles, programme in & outs and stings.