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No. of albums: 38

Origin: Godalming, UK


Our in-house 'magazine' label which is in turn, both very glossy and gloriously tabloid.

Mixing sensational with sensual, BoostTV takes you from Relaxing Places & Open Spaces to the stars of CCTV and real life drama of Caught On Camera via the WAGs to riches, sexy scandal and testosterone driven excess of Flashy, Trashy & Salacious and Bliss our ultimate spa & relaxation soundtrack. Amongst recent releases are Fragile, an exploration of the nature of fragility taking in the natural world, people and delicate beauty, and Bed Factory – a new series of albums full of beds and underscores for everything from oddball quirkiness to dramatic tension.

Most BoostTV releases feature full length versions as well as alternative mixes and handy cuts for titles, programme in & outs and stings.