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No. of albums: 77

Origin: Godalming, UK


Zone is a unique independent music library offering an ongoing series of micro-libraries or ‘zones’. Each zone is genre-defined and a mini library within itself. The first nine are Dronezone, TVzone, Pleasurezone, Clubbingzone, Docuzone, Funzone, Dramazone, Historyzone and Worldzone.

Worldzone - authentic instrumentation and absorbing arrangements combine to take you on a journey around the globe with a suitcase of evocative sounds.

Historyzone - a groundbreaking series of albums charting the history of the world.

Dramazone - where bloodcurdling horror and vintage b-movie scores meet blockbuster trailer music, crime drama cues and the full gambit of dramatic musical moods.

Funzone - a fun-filled collection of bonkers comedy, retro kitsch, goofy good times, innocent play and adrenaline fuelled action.

Docuzone - diverse, intelligent & quirky music for 'fly on the wall' exposes, factual and serious documentary programming.

Clubbingzone - 160+ massive club anthems, urban jams, chilled beats, indie classics & banging dancefloor tunes.

Pleasurezone – from amazing days out & adrenaline sports to very saucy goings on this collection offers a musical something for every fun occasion.

TVzone - at times slick, sexy & stylish and at others fun and funky the collection offers music for sport, lifestyle, travel, fashion, arts & kids TV.

Dronezone - more than just drones, this 5 album set is balanced with unobtrusive yet inspiring music beds and underscores.

Also available is Short Stuff. These albums basically mirror the albums in the 'Zones' but only contain 30 second cut and sting versions of the tracks. Each album has the same catalogue number as the original but with an (SS) code to make a differentiation.